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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's 11:00 p.m., do you know where your children are? now, abc 2 news at 11:00. a bang at a door in south matchup row and texas le looks out the back and cease the worst, a cat on fire. >> he was about to go to bed to get some shuteye, he reached some drops and suddenly his eyes closed and wouldn't open. it got to be the biggest busing movement, what tie and the gang have been doing on the shore. we start right now. a defenseless animal set on fire and left to die here in baltimore city. >> another shocking case of animal cruelty. christian schaefer talked exclusively with the woman who found that cat tonight. >> reporter: kelly, she found it last night on fire in her back yard in west baltimore.
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police have no idea who is responsible. the woman who calls herself texasly has lived in this row home for decades, friday night she got a frantic knock at her door. >> >> interview: i was sitting watching tv. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> interview: someone knocked on my door. what to do, my neighbor said your back yard was on fire. >> reporter: it wasn't her entire back yard but there was a fire. a cat. the back half of its body almost completely covered in flames had come to rest on this fence. >> interview: she said, no, it's over here. right there. >> reporter: a few doors down a man that goes by the name wedge wasn't sure what he had seen. >> interview: i was playing with the dog, i saw a ball of fire come through. i didn't know. >> reporter: he says he could smell burning hair. he now says he believes it was that same cat set on fire
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running past him home toward texas le's. >> interview: it was strange. >> reporter: deb ral wall was here when the cat arrived. she named her gem. >> interview: i actually saw the cat when it came in yesterday and the poor cat was burned pretty much on the majority of its body. >> reporter: they have been able to save several abused animals but her injuries were too serious and she had to be euthanised. >> interview: we wanted to put her out of pain and suffering. >> reporter: we saw several other cats in the alley behind the home. she says she won't be able to forget about what she saw when one of them ended up in her yard. >> interview: yeah, i felt bad, i didn't slept most of last night, i was dreaming about her. >> reporter: police say they have no leads, no idea who might have been responsible for setting gem, the cat, on fire in a 300 block of south munroe street in west baltimore. if you know anything about that case you're asked to call
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baltimore city police. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >> all right chris. they tell us this is the fourth cat to be set on fire and the mayor's animal abuse commission is trying to cut down on animal cruelty. its new show your soft side, ravens linebacker jared johnson and mixed martial arts competitor, and the message only a punk would hurt a cat or a dog. they say the athletes are good role models for younger teens. >> we're trying to break that mindset that it's a way to show your man hood, that it's a cruel thing to do to hurt a dog or hurt a cat. >> now the abuse advisory council began last year with the burning of a dog phoenix. if you have any information, including this last case involving gem the cat, call police immediately. they are working to find a man who assaulted a woman on john's hopkins. she was walking down the
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street. the victim only gave police a vague description of the man, they hope surveillance cameras will give them a few more clues, meanwhile, police were also stepping up campus patrols. >> reporter: two people were shot, it happened on mayberry drive in aberdeen. the victims are two men ages 21 and 23. they have both been taken to shock trauma, no word on their conditions, we don't have a suspect or a motive. >> interview: cocky's romance is in jail accused of repeatedly raping a young woman, the girl, now 10 years old, claims he abused her over the spans of two years. she claims the attacks happened at the super 8 motel. he said weaver stayed at another motel in harford county, not here in aberdeen. we're waiting for calls back from the corporate offices.
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he faces charges that add up to more than 130 years in prison if convicted. the state's attorney isn't commenting because the charges are under consideration. the debate over the sign will s over. it will go up and people in the area have an idea how long it will be. it will be 175 feet high and go eye a long interstate 95. they say it's important that people nowhere they are. people who live nearby say they don't want it in their back yard. some council members voted 3-2 to allow the sign, no word on when it will go up. southey elementary is busting at the seams and if you're a parent at the towson school we're reporting nothing you don't already know. it was crowded tonight for a meeting to figure out what we're going to do next. the school is supposed to hold 499 students, right now it's up to 679 with 6 trailers and all the parents are looking at the two options and hearing about them as well. one is to bus the entire school
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over to the old carver high school three miles away for one year or keep the students at stonily goin' to school for 2 1/2 years while it's under construction. >> however option is the way to get things done, go away for a year and come back, and have the school the way it should be for the year. >> we should have a decision in a couple of weeks. yeah, we had some nice clear skies for part of the evening and, now, we're under a crystal clear sky tonight, so improving weather that you already noticed out there today i'm sure only gets better tomorrow. it will be a crisp and chilly night. winds letting up, breezy through the day, right now less than a 10 miles per hour breeze. temperatures falling below 60 degrees. tomorrow, wrapped warm up back in the low 70, another breezy day. we talk about how long this golden autumn sunshine will hold up, straight ahead. new at 11:00 tonight, we want you to take a look at your screen. two bottles that look aligning,
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but would you mistake one for the other? owing's mills man did, the mistake, confusing eye drops for super glue. he explains it has been a painful experience that his family hopes no one else has to face. >> he had cat racket surgery on the 14th of september and the doctor prescribed him like 3 or 4 eye drops. >> reporter: tor cow sick pan deiah during the next few weeks he would need to use these eye drops several times a day. >> interview: he is using the drops, sometimes they are in the rooms, sometimes they are lying on the dining table. >> reporter: after coming back from a late night function he needed to put his eye drops in before going to bed. >> interview: my nephew must have put the super glue up close on the dining table. >> reporter: the 11-year-old was working on a school project using the original super glue bottle you see here. with impaired vision from the
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surgery he never noticed the difference. >> interview: it was late, 1:00, he thought it was his eye drop. picked it up and went upstairs and put the drop in his eye. >> interview: there was a burn just like i lost my eye. too much water come outside, not open my -- >> reporter: panicked, family members rushed mr. pan deiah to the emergency room where doctors had to remove eye lashes along with any excess glue. >> reporter: it was very irritated. they said that after examining, they said that the correspondencenia was a little scratched, but it would he'll in a few days. >> reporter: the pan deiah family is hoping the family can do something to change the shape or look of the bottle. >> interview: my sad said they should, instead of putting a drop you should have a brush to apply glue on. >> reporter: from the company, it's an unfortunate situation, we feel sorry for the man, we
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expect there wouldn't be any long-term harm. >> interview: it's his mistake as well that he didn't see, we're human beings, but to make such kind of mistake can cost you an eye. >> reporter: in owings mills, preston mitchum, abc 2 news. well the family is going to contact a lawyer and have plans to file a lawsuit. we'll let you know what happens. so we want to know your worst super glue story. this is tonight's hot topic, leave your stories on our facebook page at jamie? >> well highland town takes care of its own. at 91 mr. henry has seen everything twice. not about never an earthquake. mr.henry survived but his house did not. we went over to see mr. henry, he is very touched, his neighbor mr. herman has taken him in while mr. henry's house gets repaired. how is that going to happen? we bring in jody pasquali who runs the deli who learned as a young boy from his grandfather,
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liu ouija, to help people in times like these. they held a golf tournament to help mr. henry. >> i want to come home. this has always been a good neighborhood. people always been friendly, regardless of what nationality or what race they were. >> mr. henry says once his house is fixed up he wants to hold a party for joe and everybody who helped him through this. that's what highland town is all about. october is breast cancer awareness month, and we'll be thinking of it all month as we prepare for the komen run for the cure. the historic concord point lighthouse, usually all white , is beaming, lit up in a pretty shade of pink or mauve. built in 1827 the tower is overlooking the point where the sus quijano flows into the bay. a special part of our web site is designated to breasted
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cancer awareness. it's a place to get information about supporting komen maryland and find inspiration analysis stories about the terrible disease. the big event though is the race for the cure coming up the end of the month, on the 23rd in hunt valley, plenty of time to reg sister. go to komen abc really really likes us, we moved the bus in port deposit, and then last summer we moved the bus in northeast baltimore and, tonight, more moving as the "extreme makeover: home edition" show of the week that was to our don harrison and march dell isprescription. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the excitement was overwhelming tonight. you would think everybody here is getting a new home. but just the johnson family is,
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and all they needed to hear were those magic words. [ people chanting ] "move that bus, move that bus." >> reporter: the annapolis builder, the fusion company, helped build this house in 106 hours. >> it was great, it was an incredible experience and once in a lifetime definitely, but i think we're also excited and so exhausted. >> interview: when that bulls moves and they see it for the first time, just at a complete loss. and all you can do is say thanks for the opportunity. >> reporter: changing lives never gets old for the extreme makeover crew. >> interview: nbc stands for a better community so it takes a syringe to build a village and that's what we did this week. we not only built, right here, his family's home, because that was one of his dreams, but another one of his dreams was to improve his, you know, his community. >> reporter: tonight's home is the 198th house that extreme
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makeover has built but it's the most important one to the gosli johnson family. in a week. coming up she spent four years in prison, amanda knox back at home in seattle tonight. hear from amanda herself. she was out to help those who can't help themselves. it's up to us to find out who killed this woman, you may have heard about the case but we have new information tonight. a race car driver speeds to save another life. a look at what happened and take a look at the fiery crash. and what would hank senior say about hank jr. who got in trouble for his words yesterday. he has more words tonight. you'll hear from bocephus when abc 2 news returns in 60 seconds.
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i want to say thank you to
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everyone who believed in me and for my family. >> reporter: talking through the tears amanda knox spoke to reporters in seattle tonight. after a four-year legal battle her conviction was overturned yesterday in an italian court. she has been jailed since 2007 charged with the murder of her roommate meredith kercher. a race car driver is being hailed a hero to for what he did to help a fellow competitor after this terrible terrible crashing. right at the oklahoma sports park. you can see fire cruise trying to put out the flames, then watch your right side of the screen, another driver rushes over and it takes several hard pulse before the trapped driver is freed from the burning car and pulled out to safety. it. this year will be the sixth
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year she goes without answers. >> her daughter was found behind a house in woodlawn. >> in a cold case exclusive baltimore county police are releasing new details about the case hoping to reach out to witnesses who may not have known what they saw. >> here is jeff haeger with the story tonight, abc 2 news. >> reporter: she wanted to do some good in this world. 23-year-old tee anna smith wassen rolled in college, learning how to help handicapped children. she dreamed of one day working at kennedy kreiger, it was a dream she was working hard to reach. >> tiana was a loving person who would give you her heart. >> reporter: until someone took her life. on the night of november 25th, 2005, tiana was working at the mcdonald's in cockeysville where she was a manager. >> >> interview: shoe she worked a good distance from where he lived and she road several buses including the white rail
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and caught another bus to connect home. >> reporter: that night the white rail bus was down so she left early where to the metro center where she hoped to find another bus home. a coworker road with her, leaving tee anna to wait at this stop at the corner of fayette and utah. it was then a white four-door car pulled up and a man inside called out to tiana. >> interview: at some point a passenger rolled his window down and called back out to her and the witness thinks they called her by name. >> reporter: tiana hesitantly approached the car, had a conversation with the three people inside, and eventually crawled into the back seat. a city watch camera panning the area caught glimpses of what happened. >> i see the video, the camera swing past the bus stop, there is the white car, the camera swings back around after its
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automated patrol and she is gone and the white car is gone. you almost feel like you could reach in the video and say "don't reach into that car." >> reporter: a few hours later a woman's screams are heard in woodlawn, it's now about 1:15 in the morning. >> interview: they believe that what she was yelling was "no" or"stop" several times. that voice stopped and she was discovered the next morning. >> reporter: her body was found lying next to a back yard patio by some children playing ball on fox meadow road. theresa wooden was home worrying while all this happened. tiana never came home from work and it wasn't like her daughter not to call. >> that's the feeling. i called the police. telling me she was murdered. >> reporter: police say it took months to identify a single witness in this case. a woman who was waiting on the
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same bus as tiana. a woman who says the hair on the back of her next raised up when she saw her getting into that car. she didn't find out much until much later what happened to her. police say they might have saw tee anna's final moments before the brutal murder. >> interview: there had to be people at the bus stop that saw her get in that car that might know something more about that car or who was in it. >> reporter: the detective says he believes there's one killer in this case. he says he is not sure the people in the white car new what happened to tiana. he says he knows there's more witnesses. the time to come forward is now. >> interview: putting this information out there is the first time they realize what happened and realizes that the information they have means something. >> reporter: tor tiana's mother every day is a struggle. >> interview: i don't trust no
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one. >> reporter: wondering what happened and why. >> interview: and it's a hard thing to do, but i can't trust people until they say who my daughter's killer is. >> reporter: she hangs on to the believe that her daughter's killer is never found by police he has already been caught by a higher power. >> interview: you can run but you can't hide. he is already caught. but you didn't realize it. >> reporter: in woodlawn, jeff haeger, abc 2 news. >> all right. let's help tiana's family out. >> you can call (410)887-3943. now if you would rather keep your name anonymous you can call metro crimestoppers 1-866- 7-lockup or you can submit a
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tip online at metro now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. all right. pretty nice clear night out there. in fact if you look out you can actually see some moon shine, haven't seen that in a while. all these cloudy nights we have had. 56 under a clear sky, winds light and west at 6, barometric pressure on the rise as it will continue to be over the next couple days. just to give you, just to show it, i mean we finally got back to normal temperatures, 71 we hit at the airport, 71 would be normal, we're enjoying that. all clear tonight, it should be for the next several days. in fact, maybe perhaps until middle of next week when we might see the chance for a few showers again. and thank for a clear radar always because, again, as reminded by some of the sky shots on the facebook page they are still digging out up in vermont from all the
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unbelievable floods they had from the tropical activity they had. again, the sky shot there shelley. temperatures in the mid-50s out there, 60 in pe tucks et river. most clearing off sharply, but the days will be much warmer and sunnier than they have been. winds have let up a little bit tonight, they'll pick back up tomorrow, i think we'll see 10 to 15 miles per hour winds, that will mean a chop on the bay, small craft advisory once again tor boating interests on the waters tomorrow. white marsh and catonsville up into the low 70s tomorrow, sunshine, maryland upper 070s, again to look across the mid- atlantic and see a handful of clouds mainly west and north of maryland, this whole upper level low that has plagued us for days and weeks, that whole system now pushing out to sea and the pattern it shifting big- time, it's going to mean high pressure move again, and nice to see it all blow out today. as we look at frederick you can see clouds holding tough, finally some late clearing, one more shot here in baltimore,
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why not, again we had that nice clear-off towards sunset, beautiful sunset, that's going to be the trend the next few days, high pressure continues to push in out of the west. it means dry, clear weather, sinking ridge, that sinking bubble of airily prevents almost any cloud cover and certainly will prevent really any chance for rain over the next 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 days potentially. long-lived pattern it appears. >> overnight 48, clearing skies, tomorrow sunshine, good looking day, we'll call it suntastic. cause for celebration after the weather we have had. again, looking ahead we'll have some cool nights including the next several. but the daytime highs improve and the sunshine certainly will bring more smiles to the faces of so many that were maybe a little bit irritated by that long stretch. >> a little irritated. >> a little irritated. >> thanks a lot wyatt. coming up last night we told you with hank williams jr.'s faux pas that got his anthem pulled. today the country legend tells
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his story. >> coming up tonight on "nightline," terry. >> kelly and jamie, coming up on "nightline," the emotional home coming of amanda knox, the american student jailed in italy for four years. plus the story of an 8th grader shot execution style in a classroom. should his teen killer go to prison for life? that's coming up on "nightline" right after abc 2 news at 11:00. [ dennis ] juggling insurance policies
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abc 2 news is brought to you by bge. find ways to find money and it online. hank williams who gave us fam retradition and do you want some football. he compared the president to
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adolf hitler and said today he has always been passionate about politics and today it got the best ohrt worst of me. they say it isn't enough. but the andy defamation league says he owes an apology to every holiday cast survivor. >> a cool night out there guys and i think tomorrow we'll look for a nice warm-up through the day, mid-50s, and i think we make the low 70s around here and it only gets better so enjoy. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado.f.
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christian kvalar tee goes home. >> goes home.
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>> still hanging in there. >> casey says she is perceived as the bad girl. i don't know. >> have a good night, that's it for us. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
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